What we do ?

Rank higher on Google with SEO
SEO, an integral system of tools assists your website to appear on the top position during the organic search from not just Google but any search engine. The parameters of Google and other search engines are evolving swiftly, and that’s where we play our role. Our team’s updated knowledge and skills will help your site whiz for higher rankings.
PPC- efficient & best online marketing mode
Pay per click is defined as the amount paid by the promoter to the advertiser for every click received on the displayed adds on the website, search engine or blog, etc. It might not sound simple but we will help you to target the right audience and the strategy lies in the accurate bidding for the right keywords thus showing them on the Google’s SERPs (search engine result pages)
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing is all about promotion and awareness of the brand or product or services through platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. We assist through the construction of content that is strategically tailored to grab the attention of users to achieve the goal of branding & marketing of your products.
Traffic analysis with Google Analytics
It lets you analyse your advertising ROI, web traffic as well as track your social networking sites, etc. Our team unfolds the immense amount of data, draw conclusions and implements them to plan out the goals. It includes not only performing audits and modification of website periodically (or when required) but also providing a custom dashboard to monitor key indicators leading to a higher rank in the SERPs.
Graphic Designing
It is not limited to just the creation of logos and banners but more than that. Our team at Digital Snug helps you solve the digital problems, communicate through pictorial messages which require understanding your business goals, customer target and using right typography, photographs and illustration in developing high impact graphic designs.
Are you curious to learn? Don’t want to just sit back and relax? Want to be tech-savvy? We also provide self-help through our study materials, blogs, etc. Since learning is the key but at times reading turns to be boring stuff, so we allow you to take simple tests to help you assess your knowledge!

Team is very helpful. They are very friendly and professional. We never had to wait for a reply to our emails or ask again. Every answer was precise and top class and their marketing strategy improved our sales performance by 200%. I personally recommend their services.

Rebekah Near

CEO, Orca Information Inc.

Akshay & team is a thorough, smart, and attentive web developer. I’m impressed with his attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile. His team is very knowledgeable . They are very easy to work with. I appreciate Akshay and have enjoyed our time working together over the last few years!

Melinda Thomes

Owner, Vibrant Marketing & Design

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